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R&D & Innovation

The quality of the wax formula is at the heart of the challenges involved in making a scented candle.

Cirier has been able to protect and develop its know-how in line with changing consumer habits, while respecting strict health and environmental standards.

Our manufacture includes a laboratory that carries out ongoing research and development on our wax formulas.

An integrated laboratory

Our laboratory carries out tests in compliance with international standards: Afnor EN15493 and EN15426.

We are constantly working on wax formulations to improve their burning quality and olfactory restitution, as well as to reduce their environmental impact.

We guarantee strict quality control during development and production.

As the candle market is constantly evolving, our team can help you with the international regulatory labeling of your candles.

A certified Manufacture

Our « French manufacturing » guarantee ensures that the factory, personnel management and products comply with strict French and European quality and CSR standards.

Cirier is a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), the largest collaborative platform for sharing data on responsible sourcing and supply chains, meeting the requirements of major international groups and luxury companies.

Our factory is constantly being modernized. In 2023, it expanded from 2,400 m2 to 4,400 m2, doubling its candle production capacity and improving working conditions.

A Manufacture committed to the environment

As part of its expansion, Cirier is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and constantly improving working conditions for its employees.

The factory sorts and recycles 100% of its waste: cardboard, plastics, metals and other industrial waste.

A Manufacture with a human commitment

At Cirier, we believe in the richness of diversity. Since 2009, we have been working with government subsidized establishments in the region that solely hire individuals with disabilities (ESAT), in order to package our candles.

By collaborating with these establishments, Cirier contributes to the development of employment and offers ESAT employees a quality work environment. Located not far from our manufacturing facilities, this proximity facilitates exchanges and gives us great flexibility.